Marketing What Does It Mean To The SME Sector?


In an economic downturn, marketing may not seem business critical. However, if you are a recent company formation, marketing is an essential part of getting your business started. If you are a small business, a well conceived and intelligently executed marketing strategy can help you gain market share and extend your current reach. However, a poorly planned campaign could have a damaging impact on your brand which your business may not recover from.

One of the main reasons why many small businesses’ marketing efforts fail, is their over reliance on one medium to target consumers. An effective marketing strategy reflects the dynamic market conditions in which your business operates and includes all elements of the mix – from direct mail and radio to online and display – to ensure your brand message reaches new and targeted audiences and is delivered via a medium they listen and respond to. In tomorrow’s post we will define what Marketing means to the SME sector and give you some practical advice on how you can make sure your business is making the most out what marketing has to offer


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