Recessionary Re-Branding


When the recession first hit and established brand juggernauts M&S announced record losses, the UK consumer sector was shaken; nobody expected such British institutions as M&S ad iconic brands such as ‘Bradford and Bingley’ to be vulnerable to the challenges of the economic downturn, but vulnerable they were.

Now, as Santander prepare to fully re-package, re-brand and amalgamate both Abbey National and Alliance & Leicester and USA brand Kraft finalizes the details of their Cadbury’s buy out, many UK consumers may feel that these recent changes to the British brand landscape represents an overall dilution of our consumer culture, but on the contrary these changes could be good for UK enterprise.

Rebranding at a time when most small businesses are still dealing with the aftermath of the recession may seem like a ridiculous idea, but think of it like this ; the recession has changed consumer behaviour forever and while it has left many companies struggling, it also present businesses with new opportunities.

If you current brand no longer conveys the right message to the post-recession consumer why not re-think it?