Record Christmas Day Sales Online Company Formation Owners


For most people, Christmas Day is spent over indulging with friends and family and recovering from the mad shopping rush we all have to endure, as we charge round purchasing presents. However, this year Christmas Day for a large proportion of consumers and online retailers was spent searching the internet for the best deals and uploading January sale information on to websites, retrospectively.

A report conducted by internet watchdog IAB, revealed that online Christmas sales figures were up by 29% since last year, while the number of online consumers purchasing online on Christmas day had increased by an average of 50%.

Jonathan Matthews, founder of online gifting website ‘Gift’s 4 U’, comments; “Our sales over the festive period rose by over 50% this year compared to 2008. We also found that the number of people buying from the site on Christmas day had increased by almost 50% compared to last year. We started our January sale on Christmas Eve and conducted an email campaign informing all our consumers of the early start and suggesting they take advantage ‘while stock lasted’. But while we attribute some of our Christmas Day success to this email campaign, I think it is also due to a broader change in consumer behavior.”

For many people, the internet historically symbolised work; however, as more and more people now go online for shopping, networking and relationships, the internet has been re-defined as a vital tool of everyday life. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that many people went online on Christmas Day, to contact friends etc and that the online retail sector undoubtedly benefited.