SME and Company Formation Sector Get Social


The rise of online shopping has completely revolutionized the way in which companies market their businesses; it is no longer enough to simply create a brand message and put it in front of your customers, now brands must encourage them to engage with it.

That is where social media comes in. A recent report conducted by marketing and PR consultants ‘Media First’ reveals that over fifty per of small business who have recently completed the company formation process, are using social media platforms such as Face book and Twitter to establish an online presence for their company.

The survey found that over forty per cent used social media as a way of communicating offers and incentives to their customers, twenty per cent said they used it as a customer support channel and an overwhelming eighty per cent said they used it as a means of attracting new customers.

James Lean, managing director of Media First, comments; “The fact is the internet has changed the landscape of advertising and marketing forever; for a brand to successfully communicate with their customers they must interact with their online space.”