Can the World Cup Help your Company Formation


You’ve been thinking about it for years, spent hours upon hours thinking about how your dream could become a reality and now it is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the imminent World Cup we’re referring to company formation.

For most entrepreneurs, forming their own company has been a lifelong dream and once they have achieved it, many want their staff to feel as passionate and committed to their company as they do, only to be disappointed by the reality that they don’t.

Indeed, while many business owners are burning the midnight oil worrying about cash flow and avoiding having to make redundancies, some employees will be more concerned with planning their next sick day. But when it comes to World-cup related absences, have small business got a plan?

Well according to a recent report – which found that over seventy per cent of small businesses have no plans to implement a strategy to deal with staff World-cup informed sick days – apparently not. However, while it is a good idea to have some form of policy when dealing with this situation, it is also easy for bosses to only concentrate on the negative impact the world cup could have on their company’s profitability. But what about the positive?

In the absence of financial incentives, the World Cup can be used by companies as a great way of boosting staff morale. Showing your team that you are willing to join in with the celebration as long as the work still gets done is a great team building strategy.