Company Formation and Fraud


Running a business through a limited company imposes numerous obligations on the directors to comply with company law. Apart from all the various rules and regulations relating to the filing of documents, annual returns, accounts and such like, there are also literally hundreds of clauses in the latest Companies Act governing the management of a company.

Yet despite this latest Companies Act, the final stages of which were implemented on 1 October 2010, Companies House, the governing body for all UK limited companies, is unable to protect your company from fraud particularly relating to identity protection.

Most people are completely unaware as to how easy it is for someone to change their details at Companies House. Company documents are still dealt with in paper format and no check is carried out on the signature. It is simply child’s play for someone to appoint themselves a director of a particular company and for that matter even change the location of a registered office. It doesn’t take much for a relatively unsophisticated criminal to order goods in your name, have them delivered to another address and leave you with a very tarnished record.

One way to protect yourself from this is by setting up a monitor at Companies House. This enables you to simply put an alert against your company details so that any time any document is filed for that company or any other change takes place, you are notified by email. The cost is negligible and both an annual and life time service can be obtained very simply through our subsidiary Companies Made Simple by clicking here.


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