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Company Formation Owners Must Plan for Paternity Changes

Last month, the government announced plans to change paternity laws in the UK. Initially feedback was mixed; many people felt it was a step in the right direction, while some feared the impact such changes would have on enterprise in the UK. In today’s post we ask employment solicitor Vanessa Barnett for her advice and what impact she thinks these changes will have on the SME sector.

“Before the changes, new fathers were only allowed two weeks paternity. Under the new legislation, they are now allowed to take the last three months of the mother’s maternity leave and tag on a further three months without pay. From the feedback my firm has received, it is clear to see that many small business owners feel that implementing this new policy will be a practical and administrative challenge.”

“Businesses have never had to plan for logistics of male employees taking a long period of time off and according to new guidelines, new fathers only have to give their employers eight weeks notice, unlike new mothers who are obliged to give fifteen.”
“The most important thing any small business must do is prepare for the new legislative changes. Devise a strategy on how your business is going to deal with it logistically, devise your own paternity policy and notice period and talk to your team about it.”

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