Gender Equality is a Long way off Says Company Formation Survey


According to a recent report, conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the day when men and work get paid equally is still over fifty years away.

Despite the fact that this year is the fortieth anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, men are still getting paid, on average over twenty per cent than their female counterparts.

This in-equality can be seen at all levels, from high earning company directors to office juniors on less than fifteen thousand pounds a year. The sectors which display the most salary inequality is manufacturing and IT .The research also found that, on average throughout the recession more women have been made redundant.

Helen Hayes, spokesperson for the CIPD comments; “The results of the report, while alarming aren’t necessarily surprising. The government needs to address the issue of gender inequality by identifying sectors and individual companies who fail to provide equal salaries to both men and women.”