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The Company Formation Sector Wants Change

On Tuesday’s Newsnight, author and political commentator, Jeanette Winterson said that it was the first time in over fifty years that the Liberal Democrat party has a real chance to win the general election. While this remains to be seen, a recent poll by marketing research company FJ Global has found that most company formation and business owners believe that the Liberal Democrat and Labour Party have a better chance of securing the UK’s economic recovery.

The poll asked over 2,000 small businesses which of all three political parties they felt would lead Britain to a more secure economic recovery. The Tories came in first with thirty per cent of the vote, the Liberal Democrats were second with twenty seven per cent of the vote and Labour trailed behind with just seventeen per cent.

However, one of the most interesting facts that emerged from the poll is the fact that over twenty per cent of all businesses asked, felt that none of the three main political parties could be relied upon to guarantee economic stability.

Small business owner Matthew Marsden, comments: “I’m not surprised by the results of this poll, each of the three main political parties have positioned themselves as the ‘the’ party for small business. Yet as a consequence of the lack of support we have had throughout the recession, small businesses are used to having to rely on themselves.”

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