The Future’s Blue For Company Formation and Many SME’s


A recent report by GQ magazine, highlighted the differences between influence and power; power being something that is bestowed upon you, influence being something that you gain on your own, through a combination of personality and confidence. According to the magazine, Gordon Brown is the physical embodiment of power, while David Cameron represents influence.

If you agree with the above statement, you won’t be surprised when you hear the results of a survey undertaken by small business website ‘Start Up’. The focus of the survey was to gage who most entrepreneurs and small business owners felt would have the most influence on small businesses in the future; Gordon Brown or David Cameron?

The results concluded that over 65% of all the 500 respondents felt that David Cameron would have a greater influence over the future of small business.

Matthew Joyce, founder of online confectionary emporium ‘Retro’ comments: ‘On the whole, I think the current government have adopted and implemented ill-conceived and short term strategies, when it comes to helping small businesses. Their whole approach has been inconsistent, while I have been a Labour voter all my life I am considering changing in the next election, though, I must admit, none of the parties really inspire me at the moment”


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