What Company Formation Owners Can Learn from Gordon’s Gaffe


Gordon Brown’s election campaign took a massive blow on Wednesday, but what caused it? Labour’s refusal to abandon their planned National Insurance hike, despite negative feedback from the small business sector? Brown’s position on Greece’s failing economy? No, it was all down to pensioner called Gillian Duffy.

Mrs. Duffy, a lifelong Labour supporter from Rochdale, questioned Brown on a number of key policies including debt and the recession, but it was her comments on immigration which prompted Brown to identify her as a ‘Bigot’, after he failed to notice his radio mike was still on. Brown has since apologized profusely to Mrs. Duffy, but the damage was already done. So what can company formation owners learn from ‘Gordon’s Gaffe’?

Well, despite the fact that Mr. Brown apologized live on Jeremy Vine’s BBC radio show and via a number of other media channels, ultimately, he has failed speak directly to the electorate. One of the best ways to talk directly and have full control of what is published is via your own blog and though Brown does have a blog, it hasn’t been updated since August 2009!

Blogging can be an effective PR and marketing channel for all businesses and one Mr. Brown could have used effectively to communicate with the electorate and respond directly to their opinions and questions about ‘Bigot Gate’. The success of Obama’s election campaign, which utilized several social media platforms, indicates the positive impact effective blogging can have on any political campaign and there is a lesson to be learnt from this for both small business and Gordon Brown.