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What do Company Formation Owners Want from the New Government

Each party’s election campaign is well under way and interestingly ‘small business’ has been positioned high up on the political agenda for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat party. But is any party truly listening to what small business really wants or needs? We ask Katherine Grimes, founder and CEO of business consultancy firm KSG, what she wants from the party who is next in power.

“I know each political party has said that entrepreneurs and small enterprise will play a pivotal role in the UK’s economic recovery, but from my experience most of the small businesses who survived the economic downturn felt they had little support from the government during this time and are finding it difficult to align themselves with any political party. However, before we choose a party to represent your views and opinions, it is vital you understand what it is you want them to deliver.”

“The main things I want from the next party that comes into power are as follows; less bureaucracy, a fair and considered tax system, a willingness to listen to what small businesses want and need and a commitment to support them.”

– Less Bureaucracy
When I ask my client what is their number one complaint about running a business in the UK, many say ‘bureaucratic red tape.’ Small businesses do not have endless amounts of time to spend on administration and in my opinion this should be kept to a minimum.

– A Fair and Considered Tax System
The current tax system is hindering the SME sector as it provides no financial support to small businesses and actually hinders them if they are looking for someone to invest in their company. We also need to look at how the tax system should support companies that have been recently formed.

– Listen and Support
The next administration should learn from the past mistakes that have been made. Failure to listen to small business owners, who are on the frontline of enterprise in this country, is a huge mistake with devastating and far-reaching consequences.”

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