Are You Neglecting Your Workforce?


In yesterday’s post, we discussed a report conducted by start up website ‘Small Business’, which found that staff were incentivised and subsequently performed better, when they felt they had a role in the decision making process within the company they work for. However, a recent report by Management Consultancy firm John Thomas and Partners reveals that over 50% of workers are consistently looking for new career opportunities.

As a consequence of the recession, the objectives of many business owners have switched from growth to survival. This fact compounded by perceptions of a hostile job market, has led some entrepreneurs into a pattern of neglecting their existing staff.

The report found that the main reasons employees were feeling dissatisfied with their current role, was a lack of future prospects and feeling overworked and an overwhelming 77% of all those asked felt that their boss was doing little to improve the situation.

Sam Matthews, a senior partner at JT comments ; “ In our experience, companies spends thousands of pounds on recruiting the correct person for a role, building their skill set and then failing to keep those skills within their company.”