Building The Right Team


Forming your own company often requires a broad skill set. From the start of the company formation process, you are responsible for everything, from day to day operations to accounting. While this has many benefits, issues arise when you come up against an area in which you have no previous experience.

At this point, it is important you acknowledge that, though the business remains your idea, nobody has the ability to be an expert at everything. Making the decision that you and your company need support is the hard part; beginning to build up a team of various expertises is less difficult.

What is your company’s position in the market place?
Before you start the recruitment process, it is important you identify the skills and expertise your company needs to progress and grow. Once you have established this, you will have a better idea of your company’s current strengths, where there are weaknesses and how to improve them.

While it is vital that you look within your business, in such a dynamic marketplace, it is also important to look around it. Where is your company currently positioned, who are your competitors and what are the future problems? One way of doing this, is to create a growth strategy; define your product/service, your current market place and anticipate future challenges. Then consider what skills can help you meet market demand and what skills you need to ascertain.

Establish your skill set
Staff salaries are one of the most costly expenses of running a small business. Therefore, before making the commitment of becoming and employer, it is important to look at areas of your business you can mange yourself.

“One of the most important aspects of running your own business is identifying your own strengths and weaknesses” states Jim Lee from Aspect Consultancy. “Business growth comes from ongoing assessment and response to change.”

Moving forward
While it is important to employ people with different areas of experience and knowledge, it is vital that they share your vision of your business, future objectives and how they will be achieved. After all, it is your company,


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