Growth Strategies – What Suits Your Company?


In our last series of posts, we concentrated on the many different approaches to company formation and starting your business. This week, we will consider what to do once your company is formed, various growth strategies and how to expand in an increasingly shaky economy.

Over the next week we will investigate the below topics;

– Joint Ventures

In this post, we will look into how an established business can benefit from a joint venture.

– Should you Diversify?

We consider the advantages and disadvantages of diversification

– Franchising – Is it right for you?

We review the franchise model and investigate how it could work for you.

– Growth by Acquisition?

Purchasing a business can be potentially risky; we look into the relative benefits

– How to Give your Business a Spring Clean.

Taking the time to step back from your business can have a massive impact on profitability and future growth. We give several top tips to improve your company.

Over the next week our practical guides will give you all you need to run a successful and expanding company.