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Is Employee Dissatisfaction Having An Impact On Your Workforce

One of the most important lessons many entrepreneurs learn far too late, is the fact that your company’s growth and success, is widely dictated by the people you employ.
Therefore, the findings of a recent report conducted by recruitment consultants, MG Consultancy – which revealed that almost 30% of all employees were dissatisfied with their current – should be extremely interesting, for those entrepreneurs who are looking to survive the recession by increasing the productivity of their company.

According to the report, many employees feel overworked and undervalued as the result of redundancy cuts and pay rise freezes. This undoubtedly has an impact on productivity and staff turnover. The study reveals that 20% of the people asked have felt less satisfied in their job since the recession hit and almost 15% are considering a change in career rejection.

The survey revealed that, of the people asked, respondents working in retail, advertising and service sectors were the unhappy with their working life, while public sectors such as teaching and healthcare were thought to offer the most rewarding positions.
John Newbold, managing director of MG Consultancy comments: ‘ Employers are so concerned with redundancy and cash flow, that they have begun to ignore one of the most important areas of their business; their workforce. Ultimately, employee de-motivation and resentment will invariably have an impact on productivity and staff turnover. Ignore these two facts within your workforce could have disastrous consequences.”

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