Should You Use A Recruitment Agency?


While it is unlikely you will need more than a skeleton staff when you initially form your company, as your business grows, you may need to recruit more employees and it is vital you get the right team on board – especially as you are only just starting to build your brand and reputation.

While recruitment agencies are expensive they can make the recruitment process a lot less stressful and ensure that the right candidate gets placed in the right role for the right salary.

So which agency to choose? Start by asking existing contacts for their recommendations, researching on the internet and deciding if the role you need to fill requires a specialist recruitment agency. Once you have established the top five agencies you are interested in working with, invite them to your offices and let them meet your existing team. Not only will this give you the opportunity to discuss the role further with them it will also give the agency to get an idea of the culture of your company and the sort of person who will fit in.

Once you have chosen the recruitment agency the next step is to firmly establish the job description, employment terms and –crucially – agency fee. It is in the interests of your company to communicate regularly with the agency and ensure you both have a clear idea of who you want to work within your company.


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