Starting The Process


After starting the company formation process, choosing who is going to work for you is the most important decision you will make. Good staff can transform struggling organisations into efficient and effective operations.

However, finding the right team can be extremely difficult. Indeed, a recent survey suggested that, despite an increase in available candidates, almost three quarters of employers have had difficulty finding the right employee over the past year.

The recruitment process takes time and money. However, how you choose to recruit new members of staff could make the difference between hiring the ideal candidate and failing to attract any suitable applicants.

In such a dynamic market, recruitment should become an important part of your overall growth strategy. Right from the start of the recruitment process, you should keep the details of all good candidates on file. Therefore, even if a candidate was unsuitable for one particular role, as your business expands and more roles become available, they may be more suited to alternative vacancies.

The recruitment process is not only about finding new team members; it is also part of your company’s broader communication strategy. From potential clients and customers to competitors and suppliers, the recruitment process exposes your company to a broad range of people and communicates the positive message that your company is growing to them. Therefore, it is vital that the process is executed professionally and is consistent with all other aspects of your marketing strategy.

What to do next?
The most important aspect of the recruitment process is establishing a definitive description of the vacancy; what the role entails, what experience is necessary and the sort of candidate you feel would be successful.

Now, you must choose how you are going to promote a vacancy, there are different options depending on the amount of time and resources you wish to invest. The next step is the interviewing and selection process. In tomorrow’s post we investigate how to get the most out of the interview process and how to ensure you select the ideal candidate for your organisation.