UK is a Nation of Workaholics


From redundancy to businesses going into administration, the challenges of the recession have been well documented. However, one aspect has failed to get a large amount of coverage; what happens to the employees who are working within a company that is struggling.
According to a recent report, many employees are working longer hours unpaid, in a bid to keep their jobs. As a consequence staff morale and team spirit is at an all time low and productivity could suffer as a result.

Clive Owens, managing director of Click Point Consultancy, comments: “It is a well known fact that workers in the UK, work the longest hours in Europe. However, as the recession has progress working longer hors has become almost engraining in the mentality of the UK’s workforce. While many business owners may think that this is great for productivity, they may be surprised to find out that this is not the case. In advertising, a sector that has become synonymous with the ‘work hard, play hard’ culture, I would suggest that work life balance is one of the most important aspects of team management.”


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