Christmas Joy for Company Formation


The biggest online shopping day of the year was announced in yesterday’s post. However, it was felt that the trend would not continue offline. However, a recent report conducted by business analysts ‘JWT’ found that all retail sectors experienced growth over the last month; with the biggest revenue increase being recorded in fashion.
The report found, that over all sales across the high street increased by nearly four percent, while the fashion sector recorded an increased of nearly double that!

Stephen Wilding, director of enterprise at JWT, comments: ‘Obviously, Christmas shopping is a major catalyst for retail growth, especially across the high street. For our clients, these results could not have come at a better time as, initially, it was reported that Christmas 2009 would be a complete wash out for many high street retailers. These findings give a glimmer of hope.”

“That is not to say 2010 won’t still be challenging.” Wilding warns. “The recession is not over yet and while the report indicates that consumers are spending again, small businesses cannot afford to ignore the challenges that are undoubtedly still ahead.”


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