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Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Still Strong The UK

As the recession continues to bite, many business analysts have stated that the SME sector has been the worse effected. This, it has been suggested, is a consequence of a lack of available finance to help recently formed companies.

However, if recent research is to be believed, this has not dampened the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed the figures confirm that well over half of the population aspire to company formation, stating financial gain, flexibility and being their own boss as their main motivation.

According to the report, a declining job market has had a negative impact on the perception many recent graduates have on becoming an employee. Instead, the age bracket which holds the most people aspiring to start their own business is 22-35.

Graham Steele, public relations director from ACBA, who conducted the research comments; “While the recession has undoubtedly had an impact on the SME sector, it has definately not had any impact on the number of people wanting to form their own company.”

“In fact, if anything, the recession has actually made people consider starting their own business as a means of retaining control of their own financial future.”

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