How to Give Your Company a Spring Clean


The news that publishing group EMAP was closing the iconic Smash Hits magazine after 28 years of trading, not only signified an evolving market but also the impact of not consistently evaluating your business. In this post, we consider how to spring clean the various areas of your company to achieve your strategic goals.

Pay attention to detail, maximise profitability
We operate in a dynamic market with constantly changing prices. Evaluating every element of corporate expenditure and making sure you are getting the best deal is one way to increase profitability. From the premises you occupy, to your IT systems, taking the time do a comprehensive sweep of outgoings, can make you focus on what you spend your money on, and be a great way of cutting costs.

Resource ‘v’ Reward
For most companies, employee’s salaries and incentives are the biggest cost. Finding alternative ways to incentivise and motivate staff, such as flexi-time, increased holidays and staff outings, can increase both productivity and morale simultaneously.

Review what you outsource
Running a small business requires a broad skill set. As a consequence, from Marketing to IT, many businesses choose to outsource. Constant assessment and evaluation of the partners you choose to work with, allows you to determine ROI and, essentially, cut out unnecessary expenditure.

Finally, it is important that you strategically spring clean your business, on an ongoing basis. The more systematic the evaluation, the more you will notice the financial benefits.