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Operation: London Clean-up!

On Tuesday Made Simple Group team members Beth and Mark volunteered to join the clean-up operation following the aftermath of the London Riots the night before. Below is their account of the day.

On Tuesday, Beth and I joined the hundreds of Londoners taking to the streets in a heroic attempt to clean up the mess caused by rioters and looters the night before. We worked our way from Hackney to Clapham Junction providing as much help to the community as we could along the way.

Starting off in Hackney, we walked through the streets of what could have been a war zone – as you have probably seen by the media coverage – with burnt out cars, shop windows shattered and huddles of locals mourning the devastation brought into their community. Council workers removed the cars and everyone got to work at clearing the street from the ash and debris that was left.

After this was done we had a vigil in Hackney as a sign of respect. The clean-up group formed a circle holding hands and a few words were said by the locals of Hackney expressing their joy and thanks that people from all across London had come to help them when they needed it most.

We then moved on to Clapham Junction with a couple of friends we made along the way. With brooms in hand, Beth led our cleaning army to the front lines of the mass of people that had formed to aid in the clearing up of Clapham Junction.

We got to work sweeping the street from shards of glass and items from the shops. We specifically helped clean up a small local clothes store and the local Specsavers. Going into every other shop along the way offering a helping hand in any way we could.

The clean-up operation was invaluable – a positive twist on an otherwise dispiriting week and an opportunity for the city as a whole to come together and redeem its sense of community and hope. So grab your brooms, pull on your gardening gloves and get out there and join us Riot Wombles clean up the capital.

To view more pictures of Beth and Mark at the clean-up, you can visit our
Facebook page.

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