Recession How to Survive


Only a year ago, the term ‘Credit Crunch’ didn’t exist. Now, it has become a phrase that defines not only a political party, but a generation. In this series, we consider the impact of the recession on the SME sector and why it is more important now than ever, that small businesses address not only viability but how to survive the recession.

Business Turnarounds
Failing to plan is planning to fail. We look at how to plan your way out of a recession before it is too late.

How to Not Only Survive, but Thrive!
According to many business analysts, the credit crunch is the perfect opportunity for company formation. In this post we give you top tips on how to make sure your business thrives in the recession

Business for Sale
Apparently, considering an acquisition in times of economic crisis, breaks a number of key business best practice rules. In this post, we consider why buying a business in a recession could be key to your company’s growth strategy.

Is it Time to Sell?
As redundancy becomes a reality for an increasing number of people, so too does the number of people looking to begin the company formation process. We investigate the current market, and advise the best time to sell your company.