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Redundancy What Impact Does It Have On Your Workforce

The recession has had an impact on almost every person working in the UK today. From salary cuts to redundancy, we have all experienced the credit crunch in a personal way and adapted to the challenges it has presented differently. However, according to a recent report, female employees feel they are doing more than their male colleagues to put Britain on the path to economic recovery.
The survey, conducted by Vodafone Working Nation, revealed that  one in ten female workers feel that they are reacting to the gap in skills caused by redundancies well – increasing their skills sets at an equal pace to the changing demands of the market – compared to just one in twenty men.
Nearly two thousand employees participated in the survey that was focused on how a workforce responds to redundancy. Of that 2000, 90% said that redundancy had left significant gaps in their organization, 20% said that they have had to learn new skills which almost 60% felt they had not received sufficient training for.
Sam Matthews, partner of management consultancy firm KMS, comments: ‘Obviously, regardless of size, when an organization makes redundancy cuts, there will be a gap in skills available and a period of re-adjustment. According to the survey female employees respond better to acquiring new skills to fill vacuum than their male counterparts. It is vital that any organization contemplating redundancy, consider how they are going to re-organize their workforce and what support they will give their employees.’

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