How do I update my company’s registered office?


How do I change my company’s registered office?

Changing a company’s registered office is simple. Especially if it is on our system:

  1. Log in to Companies Made Simple
  2. Select “My Companies”
  3. Click on your company name
  4. Scroll to “Registered Office” and select “Update”
  5. Enter the new address and select “Send”

The request will then be sent digitally to Companies House who normally accept it within 3 (working) hours.

Please note that this process only works if we hold a valid Webfiling Authentication Code for your company (this can be checked by selecting “Sync Data with Companies House” from the company admin page). See this blog post if we do not:

Changing your Registered Office without the Webfiling Authentication Code

Do you have any questions about changing the registered office? Leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.

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