Registered office address – What on earth is it?


Registered office address - What on earth is it?

When you’re forming a company it’s possible that you get snowed under with a lot of questions. The reality is that most entrepreneurs just want to get on with running their business and don’t want to trouble themselves with the ins and outs of forms and official practices.

When you open a lemonade stand, you want to sell lemonade – not deal with boring forms and worry about terms you’ve not heard before. It’s understandable that people get frustrated with all the official terms. These are obviously important, but they often aren’t related to the core values of your business.

That’s where terms like ‘registered office’ can be a bit overbearing – it’s difficult to know exactly what they mean. Well, here we will provide a jargon free approach to registered offices so that when you choose your package and form your company you are completely certain.

What Is A Registered Office? EXPLAINED

A registered office is an address where your company is registered. It is the official address, the place where you are set up. The most important thing to remember about a registered office address is that it’s visible. The same way that people can look up the official headquarters of a company like Google or Apple, people can look up your own company too.

The address is stored within the Companies House records, which are readily accessible to the public with company search services. This means you might not want to use your home address in order to keep it private. You can use an alternative address you have (such as the location of your company workspace) or use a registered office service like our own where you pay a yearly fee for use of the address and have mail forwarded on to you.

Other things to remember about your registered office address or the mail forwarding service include:

  • There Are No Hidden Fees – Using a registered office mail forwarding service is good because it’s a simple one off payment each year and you can use our address (situated in the heart of London’s tech city with a prestigious N1 post code) there are numerous benefits to this – but the essential thing is simply that you get exactly what you pay for.
  • Overseas Operations – Registered office services are especially useful for those who are operating from overseas. If you need a UK address (something required to form a UK company) you might need to use a registered office address to do this.
  • Official Government Mail Goes There – There are numerous official pieces of mail that go to your registered office address. You can then get the mail forwarded directly to you if you are using a registered office service, but if it’s your own address all official mail will go there.

There are numerous advantages to a registered office service, but you still need a registered office whether or not you use one. This needs to be located in the UK and will be viewable on Companies House.

Registered Offices & Company Formation

It’s worth mentioning that if you are forming a company and need a registered office address then you can choose our privacy company registration package which includes a limited company and a registered office address UK for 1 year – all for just £49.99.

Whatever you do, armed with the information contained above, you will know exactly what a registered office is and how it works when you form your company with us.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog, especially the ‘Registered Office’ section.

By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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