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What details do I need to form my limited company?

You will need the following information at hand to complete your create your limited company: 1. Registered Office Address This address will be used to receive statutory correspondence from government agencies and departments such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs.

How do I download my Share Certificate?

All of our company registration packages come with digital share certificates for each shareholder in the company. What is a Share Certificate?

How to use your online admin portal

After you’ve formed your company with us it’s automatically placed on our post company formation admin portal. From here you can view and update various company information, including registered office and director information.

How do I change a shareholder’s personal information?

Changing your shareholder information is not quite as simple as changing director information (where an online CH01 form can be filed in a matter of seconds) - but it’s still quite simple. In this post we’ll look at how you can do this.

Company Formation Update: Multiple Share Classes now available!

After receiving feedback from our customers we’re pleased to announce that you can now use multiple share classes when forming companies with us. In this post we’ll give you a step by step demonstration on how to do this.

How Can I Open a Company?

Opening (or starting, or forming, or registering, or incorporating) a company limited by shares is now extremely simple thanks to formation agents (such as us!) and the registrar of companies, Companies House, simplifying the process.

How to start a business

Starting a UK limited company is simple. Very often the only hurdle that gets in the way is jargon; ‘company-speak’ that formation agents, accountants and Companies House (the UK’s registrar of companies - we’re busting jargon already!

Subscribers and their place on your limited company’s admin page

Inspired by a question received from a customer (thank you!) - in this post we answer the following "What is a limited company subscriber?

We can help you add new shares to a limited company

From time to time you may need to add new shares to a limited company. This is something that we can help with through our ICAEW accredited company management system.

Adding shares to your company after it has been formed

When forming a limited company you need to choose how many shares to allocate to your shareholders. The number of shares that you allocate multiplied by the value of these shares makes up the company’s share capital.

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