Run a limited company? Take this quick and quirky poll about working habits


Do you own a limited company? If the answer is yes, then take part in our quick, quirky and TOTALLY ANONYMOUS poll about your working/office habits.

Complete the quick poll below and find out how your results compare to others. You’ll see the results instantly once completed and clicked ‘vote’!

Warning…some interesting questions coming up…

Do you have an office dog?
Do you have an office plant?
Do you have a rubik's cube?
Have you ever taken a business call on the toilet?
Have you ever spent the night in your office?
Have you ever written a marketing plan?
Do you have a beer fridge in your office?
Do you know what a Confirmation Statement is?
Have you ever had... hanky panky... 😉 😉 ... in the office?
Do you keep a PSC register?
Do you know what PSC stands for?
Do you have a Netflix account?
Do you have a table tennis table in your office?
Do you know what VAT stands for?
Have you ever fallen asleep at your desk?
Have you ever dated an employee?
Do you have a foot hammock?
Do you know when your Annual Accounts are due?
Do you have a basketball hoop over your bin?
Do you have a Nutribullet?

Thanks for taking part!