5 reasons why N1 is the place to be for startups


5 reasons why N1 is the place to be for startups

It has been just over a year since MadeSimple moved to the N1 postcode and we are loving life here so far. However, the surrounding area of comprising the Old Street roundabout and beyond is a fantastic and vibrant area that has seen a large growth of new companies over the last few years.

This is well and truly an area which is renowned for its culture of entrepreneurialism and creativity particularly in fields of digital technology. According to the Daily Telegraph this has seen companies such as Shazam, Funding Circle and Transferwise reach unicorn status.

Here at MadeSimple we can’t get enough of our N1 postcode and the silicon roundabout. We think that once you have read our 5 reasons that you will love it too. If you would like to know more about us see here for more information.


It’s startup land !!!!

The volume of companies who have formed within the last few years is unprecedented – so much so that it has lead to a book being written about it called the Flat White Economy, which looks into the growth of digital companies around East London. This growth of tech-startups has lead to a large support network of various hubs and initiatives to cater for this ever growing community.  For example there are a variety of talks and opportunities to network at the Google Campus and at Tech Hub which share the same premises in bonhill street –  five minutes from old street station.  But that’s not all events company 3Beards also host weekly networking drinks around East London.

Hipster Shoreditch is Uber cool

Shoreditch’s distinctive hipster culture sets it apart from other parts of the capital and there are quite a few advantages to be had from this. Firstly if you are looking to work on the go there is unsurprisingly a preponderance of cafes with wifi if you are working on the go. Why not try the quirky Shoreditch Grind on the old street roundabout . Alternatively you can indulge in the  delightful idiosyncrasies of specialist bike cafe look mum no hands.

Want to find the most interesting pop up shops Box Park will cater to your needs for some hip new threads. There really is so many interesting quirks about this area and if you want to grab a bite you feel find food from all over the world. Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian or American Style BBQ – you will find something to cater to any taste whatever the occasion.

Tech city and government backing

it’s not just the character of the area that makes this the place to be for startups. It has also received government backing . in 2010 Prime Minister David Cameron launched the Tech City UK initiative in Shoreditch. According to their site their focus is “ On creating the optimum conditions for digital technology businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive across the UK. Through our policy work, we accelerate the growth of digital businesses in London and across cities at all stages of their development” This recognition for illustrates that N1 and its surrounding areas is a real hub for startup businesses.

Not just startups – some large blue chip companies also present

The other big attraction about this area is that it is not just full of fledgling startups: Some of the world’s most well known blue chip companies have, or are about to invest, in the Silicon roundabout area. As mentioned previously Google have an active presence in the area and the same is happening with other large tech giants such as Facebook, Intel and Mckinsey and company. In addition to this online retailer giant Amazon is set to move its UK base from Slough into Shoreditch by 2017. So if you think it’s just the small startups who are seeing opportunities in the area then think again. Large international brands are seeing clear opportunities to invest and offer expertise to potentially find the next Google or Facebook. With all that’s going on who knows London may be the home of the next global tech giant.

Infrastructure geared for startups

The Tech city area offers fantastic infrastructure which really gears itself toward accommodating the several businesses who reside there. Firstly there are countless of co-work office spaces that you can use with flexible plans – which are far more cost effective than having a fixed office – particularly at startup stage. Places such as Central working and The Cube cater very well to startups around tech city so they are worth looking at as they offer great meeting rooms; large open plan work spaces as well as networking events to meet fellow startups.

Being close to Old Street station means that you are one tube stop away from Kings Cross st pancras. So if you have a meeting to go to in another part of the country you are very close to  various national rail trains in Kings Cross. This year also saw Multi- Tenant managed super fast internet introduced to companies in Tech City – which has been driven by Virgin Media Business. You really couldn’t ask for a better set up to help startups.

We hope that you love N1 and its surrounding areas as much as we do. If you would like to know more about MadeSimple and exactly what we do see here for more information.


By David Goulden at MadeSimple –  Follow David on Google +


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