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Having set up a UK Limited Company you may be wondering what exactly a registered office is and how your choice of registered office will impact upon your new business. So first things first, what is a registered office?

A registered office is a company’s official address as recognised by the government. This is where all your company’s statutory mail will be sent (mail from HMRC and Companies House). The registered office may be, but does not have to be, where the company conducts its business. Simple.

So why is your choice of registered office so important? Many new business owners understandably choose to put their home address down as their registered office. Whilst this is fine (as long as permission is granted by the landlord if relevant) what you may not know is how readily available your registered office address is to the public. In fact it’s just a few clicks away using the Companies House WebCHeck and that’s without any charge.

Because of this fact, many new business owners choose to protect their home address from the public record and use an alternative address as their registered office. This is where we come in.

Our registered office service London enables you to use our London address as your Registered Address.  This annual service is charged at just £40 + VAT – extremely good value.

And for today only (Thursday 25th March 2010) Companies Made Simple is running a very special offer – you can purchase our Registered Office service (which is normally £40 per year) for just £10. The offer is the first of our exciting new “Deal of the week” campaign and is sure to be a massive success.

Don’t worry if you have already put another address down as your registered office, this can be easily rectified. If you formed your company with us, just login to your account at access your company and submit the electronic request to change your registered address to Companies House. Alternatively, if your company was not formed with us, you just need to fill out an AD01 (presented upon purchase) and mail that to Companies House.

As well as protecting your home address, using our registered office service provides both a prestigious London address for your company and serves as a useful junk mail filter. And don’t worry, we’ll forward on all your statutory mail free of charge. This offer really is too good to miss.

Visit our Registered Office service for more details or to buy!

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