Female Company Formation Owners Say There is No Funding


Four decades on from when women were urged to ‘burn their bras’, it seems that regardless of the various feminist campaigns devised to address gender inequality in the workplace, it still very much existing in the contemporary working environment.

A report, conducted by the FDA, has found that over 30% of all female entrepreneurs think that they are not receiving enough finance to start their business and they think that fell it is harder for a female entrepreneur than a male entrepreneur to gain access to funding.

The findings of the report revealed that just over forty per cent of women postpone starting their own company due to a lack of available funding and those women over forty are more likely to start their own business than women aged between twenty to thirty.

Hannah Evans, operations manager of Women in Business, commented: “While we have obviously come along way in terms of addressing gender inequality in the workplace, as the findings of this survey confirm, it still very much exists.”

“Female employees are still getting paid, on average, 20% less than their male counterparts while the number of women in top managerial positions in business in dramatically low. It is the responsibility of both the government and financial service provider, to ensure women are made aware of the wide range of financial and educational support available to female entrepreneurs.”