Free Company Secretarial System – Too Good To Be True? No


At the beginning of August we launched our innovative and simple to use Company Secretarial System. Aimed primarily at accountants (but by no means restricted to them) the free system allows users to manage all their Limited Companies from one centralised, user friendly system. Perhaps the main benefit of using this system (apart from receiving discounted rates on a number of our services including new Company Formations) is the opportunity to carry out various managerial tasks for each company.

Via the system you can:

  • Resign and Appoint Directors & Secretaries
  • Edit information for existing Directors & Secretaries
  • Change Registered Office information
  • Increase the amount of shares in the company
  • All of these tasks, if done directly through Companies House via their paper forms, can take up to 10 days to be accepted and then that’s only if the forms were completed correctly. Via our free and simple to use system, the changes are often accepted within just 3 hours. Can the same activities be done via Companies House WebFiling? Yes, but every time you want to make a change you have to enter 4 pieces of information:

    1. Company/LLP
    2. Company Type
    3. Company Number
    4. Authentication Code

    If you want to make a change to another company, you have to enter all 4 pieces of information again! Now imagine how frustrating that would be if you have several companies to manage. Using our free company secretarial system all you have to do is login with your email address and password and you can make as many changes to as many different companies on your account as you like. And let’s not forget – it’s totally free to use.

    There are also a couple of features you can use via our system (for free) that Companies House doesn’t have:

  • Record dividends and produce dividend vouchers
  • Receive annual return and account alert reminders via email
  • Since we launched the system in August we’ve received a few calls from people that whilst interested in the system, ask; “What’s the catch?”. There simply isn’t one. If you want to use the system simply to group together your companies and carry out admin such as the bullet points above there is no charge.

    The only charges on the system are for the following services:

  • To form a limited company from just £25 including Companies House fees
  • To file an annual return (we only charge £5.88 on top of the standard Companies House £15 filing fee)
  • To view a demo of the system along with a detailed tutorial and to sign up click here.