Location, Location, Company Formation


Whoever thought that in the age of the Tweet, the LinkedIn and the Skype call that where you live impacts upon the likelihood of you starting up your own business? Well apparently so according to a recent report on Businesszone.

The report suggests that for every 10,000 Londoners, 24 companies are formed, whilst the rest of the UK (apart from Milton Keynes with a promising 19) falls behind quite drastically. London being a hotbed of start-ups is certainly no shock but we are surprised by the low figures demonstrated by other parts of the UK.

Coastal towns in particular show some rather concerning figures with Swansea (-3), Sunderland (-1), Southend-on-sea (-1) and Blackpool (-1) all seeing more companies going under than new ones formed. This, no doubt, reflects the credit crunch’s impact upon areas reliant on tourism but could a perceived lack of opportunity also be to blame?

It’s often been assumed that to succeed in the UK you need to be based in London. Well we at The Made Simple Group believe this to be nonsense. Technology now allows unprecedented connectivity; geography has never been so inconsequential. Online businesses can be based anywhere. Crunch or no crunch, this is an exciting time to be involved in business.

And just by looking at the amount of companies that we’ve formed suggest many people are seeing redundancy and difficult times as an opportunity to get entrepreneurial and create a company – being positive and proactive about their future, endeavouring to take steps to be in control of their destiny, rather than be anxious about what the future may hold.

So we urge anyone who’s thinking about setting up their own company to take the plunge and go for it. It really has never been easier what with company formation agents (such as ourselves!) offering packages from £16.99 and a speedy turnaround that can see the company formed in just 3 hours.