Protecting Your Company Name


Last Updated: 19/08/2014

The perfect company name can be lost all too easily. Even if you’ve created a URL and built your website the company name could still be at risk. So how do you go about protecting that perfect name?

The easiest way to do this is to form a Limited Company with said name. Companies House will not allow more than one company on the register with the same name; therefore this method stops anyone else using your beloved name.

And just because you have now set up the Limited Company it does not mean that you have to start trading. In fact if you wish, you never have to start trading. As long as you write to HMRC to let them know that your company is unlikely to start any business activity in the near future, and prepare the Annual Returns and Dormant Company Accounts on time, the company will continue to exist on the register.

So no matter what stage your business is at, from just an idea to a fully planned enterprise, make sure no one else can take that name from you.

This post was brought to you by Mathew Aitken at Companies Made Simple

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