The Importance of Building a Brand


From the point of company formation, most business owners have an idea of what sort of brand identity they want their company to have. Having a strong sense of what you want your brand

to be about, allows you to communicate it to members of your team and makes the process of delegation easier. Also, if you want to sell your business in the future, having an established

brand is crucial, as Laura Walker, founder of Walker Direct, found out.
Walker founded Walker Direct, which supplies bedroom furniture to key retail outlets, in 1990. She sold it in 2008, though she still retains a 10% share. However, Walker’s objectives for her

business were always clear from the point of company formation; she wanted to establish a brand with a clear identity and market reputation and sell the company.
“I was motivated to form my company by my ambition to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family. I was always confident that it would be a success, however, I knew that I did not

want the responsibility in the long term. I also did not want to continue investing the profit made back into the company.” Therefore, for Walker, establishing a brand was crucial.
In tomorrow’s post we will give you some practical advice on how to create brand values for your business by concentrating on four key areas; Leadership, Management, Market Conditionsand Accounts