The Office of Tax Simplification – Making Business Simple?


Last week we tweeted about the suitability of John Whiting heading up the new Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) considering his past with PriceWaterHouseCoopers. In short, if the main aim of the office is to assist small business in tax related issues, surely someone with more experience of dealing with small companies would be more appropriate?

Despite these misgivings in regards to personnel we do applaud the idea behind OTS. Being in the field of company formations we deal first hand with both small business owners and those interested in starting a business. A major concern for these people is less to do with their business model but more to do with the complicated steps required to keep their company above board.

In these difficult economic times we must encourage growth, not stunt it by, please forgive the cliché, turning molehills into mountains. At Companies Made Simple we receive numerous calls from people concerned about what they’re getting themselves into in by setting up a company. Of course a level of caution is healthy, as long as cautiousness does not evolve into fearfulness.

At The Made Simple Group we feel that we’re doing our bit for small and start up businesses by making all our business services and processes as simple as possible. It’s good to see the government finally following suit. Let’s just hope the activity proposed by The Office of Tax Simplification is the start of a promising period for small businesses and not just a gimmick rushed in by a government eager to impress.