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What awards can do for your business…

The importance of awards in business is something that is often overlooked. It’s quite easy to discard awards and focus on the daily tasks required to grow your business, but the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of ways awards can help a business grow too.

You might think “Well, if my business earns an award – then so be it” but there are plenty of things you can do to actively enhance the likelihood of this happening. And there are some very tangible benefits. With most of the business awards, there are clear criteria for winning. It’s something that a business can approach logically and methodically in order to create the best chances of success.

One of the things about MadeSimple is that we always seek to promote better business. So, we will explore some of the most effective ways of winning and being considered for business awards.

First Off – What Awards Might Suit My Business?

You might be thinking “Hey, I’m a consultant are there really awards for that kind of business?”. The answer is “Yes”. No matter what your industry, there are almost always awards.

There are awards for every industry. This is undeniably a good thing as it allows companies to compete with one another not just from a business point of view – but directly, on the merits of their contributions to the industry as a whole.

Awards are a fairly objective way of rating a company. Things like monetary influence are usually secondary, and this makes awards appealing for smaller companies trying to get noticed as the quality of the work is what matters most as opposed to the size of the project.

Think Of Awards As Positive Reviews

There is a distinct correlation between awards and reviews, you can think of winning an award as essentially like getting a good review – although it’s a review from industry bodies, which is actually harder to get. As a result they are incredibly valuable for customer trust.

We recently hosted a webinar on The Importance of Customer Feedback, and many of the same principles apply. Awards and accreditations are essentially feedback, so they are equally important for business as reviews.

What Are The Business Benefits of Awards

A nice plaque or a trophy might look great on the shelf, but what are the tangible business benefits that you can get from them? Well, there are numerous advantages – some might be more obvious than others.

Notable benefits of awards include:

The most tangible benefits to your business are the ones that impact you directly, and it’s largely about marketing and the focus you can get from such a solid assessment of your own company. Plus, there is a great sense of achievement that comes from being involved with awards – whether you win or not.

What Companies Can Benefit Most From Awards

It’s fair to say that some some industries have more prestigious awards than others – but actually any company can benefit. In the field of marketing and accounting for example there are well-established and big events. The Drum Marketing Awards are a typical example of this.

Of course there are awards that aren’t necessarily restricted to industry – the Startup Awards are a good example of this, where the criteria is for startups as opposed to businesses within a particular industry.

One of the most significant benefits of awards is that it shows other people in your industry that you are operating at a high standard or have otherwise got a lot of satisfied customers. This is the real benefit from awards, and can serve to enhance any company.

How Do I Find & Get My Business Considered For Awards?

There are different awards for business, the same way there are different awards for singing or acting. So what is the best way to find the right awards for your business? And how do you actually get considered for these?

The best ways to find the right awards include the following:

The awards that you can and can’t enter are usually dictated by industry, but also geography. If you’re operating in India, you’re not likely to be considered for awards in the UK for example. So it’s important that you keep yourself aiming for only the most relevant awards.

Tips For Applying For Awards

In order to be considered for awards you have to apply for them. It doesn’t happen magically without any input on your part. The largest businesses in the world may find that someone has nominated them for an award and invite them to an event – but the reality is that most businesses don’t have this kind of clout.

So you have to get out there. You need to delve into the application process in order to be considered. Some tips when applying for awards include:

The biggest tip for applying for awards is just to be honest, don’t try and oversell yourself. The people assessing applications are probably very savvy – so this is likely to be seen right away. Try to put as much enthusiasm and passion into your application process as you can and you will find that your business is much more appealing as a candidate.

Business Awards & Benefits

The above points will help in identifying, applying for and ultimately being considered for awards. If you can keep yourself relevant and enthusiastic you can get some awards under your belt. As we help companies form we want them to be the best they can – so, consider this next time you apply and you’re in with a better chance.

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By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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