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Online company formation with simple management tools for professionals – how does it work?

If you’re an accountant it’s likely that you manage various aspects of company administration for clients. This might include big things like formation or filing an annual return, or it could even be something smaller - like changing the name of a company secretary.

How to change a Director’s name if they get married

A common issue is changing the name of your directors - this might be because they have got married, or they've changed their title. Either way, it’s a simple adjustment using our ICAEW accredited software.

How to import your managed companies into your account

Our professional customers often have to deal with a large amount of different companies. This is part and parcel of the management process, but the beauty of Company Formation MadeSimple is that it is extremely easy to add new companies into your account - so you can deal with them in one centralised location, even if the companies were not formed by us.

Effectively managing your companies for reporting

When you report for companies, accuracy is everything. But when you’re reporting for many different companies speed also comes into play - of course, speed is only good if it’s easy and accurate.

Why Cosec is the perfect management tool for insourcing

  The concept of outsourcing is a very misunderstood one. From a broad perspective, it is essentially putting a certain business practice or process in the hands of another party.

How to automate the management of your company

Automation is integral to modern business. It’s a progression brought to us by the increasing technological efficiency of our time, and it’s reflected in business as well as in our personal lives.

Cosec: A powerful management tool synced with Companies House

When you’re managing multiple companies at a time, you need to have a powerful management tool to keep up. If you have so many companies to manage that you’re looking for a tool to help you, you’re going to want to set up all of them within it.

Searching for companies just got a whole lot simpler

If you’re someone who manages multiple limited companies, such as an accountant, you might find yourself struggling to navigate your way around all of them. Thankfully, your Company Formation MadeSimple account displays them all in an easy to view list.

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