Advantages of using a co-working space


WorkHub, Central London Co-Woking space, displaying a pink meeting room and a long work bench

In recent years, co-working spaces have become increasingly popular among professionals seeking a flexible and collaborative work environment. 

A co-working space is a shared workspace where individuals from different companies and industries work alongside each other. 

If you are a smaller company, or just yourself, you may want to consider a co-working space. 

Here are some of the advantages of using a co-working space:

  1. Cost-effective: Co-working spaces are typically more cost-effective than traditional office spaces. Rent, utilities, and other expenses are covered through your booking/membership, making it more affordable for individuals or small businesses.
  2. Networking opportunities: Co-working spaces provide an opportunity to meet and connect with other professionals from different industries. This can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and even new clients.
  3. Flexibility: Co-working spaces offer a flexible work environment where individuals can choose to work whenever they want. This is particularly useful for freelancers, remote workers, or those who have irregular work schedules.
  4. Productivity: Working in a co-working space can boost productivity by providing a structured and professional work environment. Co-working spaces are designed to facilitate work, with amenities such as high-speed internet, printing, and meeting rooms.
  5. Credibility: Co-working spaces often have meeting rooms, which you can book to host your clients or suppliers. This can add a level of professionalism to your company operations. Secondly, having a quiet and well equipped space for meetings is more productive than using a noisy cafe or your home. 

Another additional benefit to using a co-working space with meeting rooms is being able to rent a room as a ‘day office’. By renting a ‘day office’ you can host a collaborative day with your team, a workshop or seminar for your clients and network. By using a co-working space you know you’ll have state of the art equipment, adequate space and a good location for a fraction of the cost. It is an easy way to level up your business or treat your employees. 

Overall, co-working spaces offer a cost-effective, flexible, and collaborative work environment, with numerous benefits for individuals and small businesses. For Companies Made Simple clients, our ultimate package gives you free access to our modern state of the art WorkHub, based near Old Street Station in London, UK.